Involved in a cycling accident?

Our no win, no fee solicitors have extensive experience of dealing with bicycle accident compensation claims. Our Director, Mark Barter, is a keen cyclist and understands how easily cycling accidents can occur.

There are two main causes of cycling accidents; negligent motorists and poor road surfaces. Typically, motorists can pull out without giving way, fail to use their mirrors correctly or “clip” cyclists as they pass.

Poor road surfaces cause many accidents. Local councils and the highway agency are responsible for ensuring our roads are kept in a safe condition. This doesn’t mean the road surface has to be perfect but it does mean potholes must be repaired and oil or diesel must be cleared within a reasonable period of time.

Should you suffer an injury in a cycling accident, we can take legal action against the negligent party and claim compensation for injuries, as well as recovering the cost of any medical treatment required. We realise that your bike will have been damaged together with your clothing and sometimes your helmet. We will also recover compensation for that damage.

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